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OBAMA: A Cuban Student Group of the High Scholl

Sancti-Spiritus, Friday April 6th  2010.
“The Year 52nd of the Revolution”
Mr. Barack Obama.
President of The United States of America.
White House. Washington D.C.
Dear President:
We are students of the High School (IPVCE) “Eusebio Olivera Rodríguez”, in Sancti-Spíritus.
Our teacher of English talked us about the letter that Fidel Castro wrote to Mr. Franklin Roosevelt  when he was twelve years old and we decided to write also a letter to you.
We hope that in this time you will read and you will answer this respectful letter.
The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights says that nobody can be arbitrarily imprisoned (article 9th ). You recently received a Nobel Peace Prize, and we think that you are an honest man, who wants the best for your people.
We want to ask you some questions about “The Five Cuban Heroes” who remain in high security jails in your country: Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino and René González:
1.                   Don’t  you know that they are absolutely innocents?
2.                   Why haven’t you decided to free them?
3.                   What do you need to allow all their families to visit them?
It’s well known that they were only and exclusively condemned for having risked their lives struggling against terrorist groups operating at free will in Miami .
You can verify this truth reading the U.S official documents, and you will realize of the criminal activities of those terrorist groups that you have there in U.S.A. whose vandalic actions have been published and publicly recognized by their own perpetrators.
The freedom of the Five Cuban Heroes is a world claim. We are waiting for your answer and we hope your correct decision.
We also decide to send a copy of this letter to Mr. Ron Squire Seteffy, the teacher who found Fidel’s letter written in 1940, and to all the High School students of the world, specially the American ones, asking them to write to you. We are sure that Antonio, Fernando, Gerardo, Ramón y René are going to be very soon with us.
We annex the signatures of all the students of the class.
Yours truly,
                                    A Cuban Student Group of the High Scholl
                                   (IPVCE) “Eusebio Olivera Rodríguez”

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